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Digital Image provides creative solutions for automotive marketing with limitless versatility. Showcase your products with all their features and options utilizing our digital visualization services. Interactive marketing tools allow potential buyers to easily learn about and purchase your products.

Your Vision Realized

Virtual Products

CG image of 3D modeled Ford Fusion interior wireframe render CG image of 3D modeled Ford Fusion finished render

We bring your products to life by creating realistic virtual versions from sketches, computer data or even verbal descriptions. We can model any complex organic or geometric form your project requires, complete with realistic textures and lighting. Our experts use custom techniques to hand craft virtual representations of your products with the highest level of detail and accuracy.

At Digital, we give you all the visual tools you need, including files that are optimized for use across multiple platforms. Virtual products provide versatility beyond physical prototypes, including the ability to keep marketing materials up to date as product designs change. From video and animation to print and web, virtual products can be used in a variety of ways; showcasing every characteristic, option and detail.

Creative Coordination

Your Ideas Brought To Life

Keep pace with the rising expectations of your customers with our virtual products, creative video and web development. Our creative services and solutions help to clearly showcase even the most complex technology, increasing consumer engagement with your products. Utilizing our visual support allows you to streamline your marketing strategy. In an industry where a clear understanding of your product is essential, accurate visual storytelling can both educate and inspire. Training videos and animation communicate necessary information to the customer in a way that is both enlightening and entertaining.

Safety Animation

Our realistic computer generated (CG) animations give consumers a visual experience that informs and inspires. Safety features can be shown in action, without creating dangerous situations or damaging prototypes. Digital visualization allows you to see under a vehicle’s skin, to learn exactly how these features provide protection.


the 360 view

A 360 view allows every detail and contour of the vehicle to be seen. Realistic 3D representation is photo-accurate and allows for various design aesthetics and features to be seen up close.

Build & Price

Visual Support

We create fun and interactive web tools that display product options and features with complete configuration flexibility. Customers can virtually explore a vehicle and its capabilities, to become familiar with and gain confidence in your product, before it even exists in real life. This positive experience will lead to further inquiry and ultimately more product sales.

Limitless Versatility

Renew and Reuse

Digital visualization of Ford Focus before update Digital visualization of Ford Focus updated trim level Digital visualization of Ford Van Digital visualization of Ford Wagon Digital visualization of Ford Expedition King Ranch before update Digital visualization of Ford Expedition King Ranch updated Digital visualization of Ford Raptor before update Digital visualization of Ford Raptor with updated headlamps, wheels and color shift Digital visualization of Ford Mustang Ingot Silver color shift Digital visualization of Ford Mustang Ingot Silver color shift Digital visualization of Ford Mustang Triple Yellow color shift

Automotive styling and technology are always changing. Stay ahead of the curve using our digital visualization services to maintain current and accurate marketing materials. Virtual vehicles or existing vehicle photography can be modified to show various options and updates instead of starting over from scratch, waiting on physical production or expensive photo shoots. Time is money and we save you both.

Why Digital?

Built on Trust

Digital Image has been a go-to for the automotive industry for decades. We have remained a relevant, sought-after resource for major automotive manufacturers and suppliers because of our quality services and efficient workflow. From concept to completion, we provide you digital excellence that will enhance your competitive edge to help you sell more products.

We Are Digital

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Digital Image Studios video editing services Digital Image Studios green screen insert stage Digital Image Studios sound editing services Digital Image Studios conference room Digital Image Studios video editing services Oracle's Pearl Sound studio facilities Digital Image Studios sound editing services Oracle's Pearl Sound studio facilities Oracles Pearl Sound studio facilities
  • Our Facilities

    Located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, our nearly 20,000 square-foot facility is equipped with the latest and most innovative tools and custom techniques to deliver superior quality to our clientele. Our extensive in-house CG animation, video, audio, graphics and digital marketing resources allow us to progress smoothly from initial concept to finished product; creating a seamless process for our customers.

  • About Digital Image


    Digital Image has been a pioneer in high-end CG imaging and animation since 1990, and we continue to excel as one of the world’s leading creative services facilities. We offer high-quality visual and creative services for film, video broadcast, print and web marketing. When you work with Digital, the most cutting-edge creative skill sets, techniques, talent and tools are available to you.

    In addition to our unsurpassed core skills in creating 3D virtual products and digital VFX animation, practically anything can come together on our dedicated insert stage. Using our technical and production expertise, we can marry the physical and virtual worlds into cohesive visuals that will excite your customers and tell the story of your company and your products.

  • Creative Team


    Our award-winning staff ensures your finished projects look and sound amazing. The varied specialties of our talented 3D artists, designers, editors, and audio engineers combine to realize your vision and open a world of unlimited possibilities.

    We continually develop and employ the most efficient and effective technologies. Our expertise in 3D modeling & animation, texture design & surfacing, film & video editing, compositing, motion graphics and art direction make Digital Image Studios a one-stop resource for all of your project requirements.

  • Audio Post


    Digital’s audio post group includes leading industry music professionals adept at creating quality custom music, mixing and sound design used for all venues; including movies, broadcast commercials and video projects. We provide several state-of-the-art voice recording booths in house, as well as Oracle’s fully outfitted Pearl Sound stage in Canton, Michigan, for larger recording needs. Pre-recorded or original music can be produced according to whatever your audio needs may be, and we offer all of the resources and ideas to keep your project on track and moving forward.

  • Trust


    As our customer, you can rest assured that your sensitive product and business information is kept secure. Our core business has been built on the highest levels of trust and security in preserving privileged information; not only by our veteran staff but also within our systems and internal processing resources. We maintain several on-site server rooms with dedicated storage and massive CPU processing for our workflows. We do not rely on outside resources; therefore, your business information simply does not leave our premises as part of our standard operating procedure.

    At Digital Image Studios, we provide uncompromising quality and attention to customer service. We invite you to visit our facilities and experience our capabilities and hospitality for yourself. Call us today at 248-477-5600 or toll free at 888-434-7839.


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